Clothes Too Tight

Who knows the miserable feeling of trying on a skirt or a pair of pants that you could wear comfortably a few months ago and now they are too tight?

I pride myself on being someone who takes pride most days in the way I look. I really can’t handle my clothes being too tight.

They say as you get older, you gain weight and it may be hard to lose it.  I believe that to be true. If you know me then you know that I try also to be a person of discipline. I’m getting ready to get this weight off me.

It’s September 16, 2016. If you have a weight issue and want to join me in the challenge, let me hear from you.

Lets dialogue about losing weight the right way…

Deidre Malone



I’m Proud of my Grandson Patrick III

I haven’t posted on my Deidre Malone blog in years. I actually forgot I had one until I Googled my name today and it came up. As I rekindle my relationship with this blog, I thought real hard about what I would write my first post in 5 years on. I determined it should be about my grandson Patrick “Trey” Malone III. Trey turned 8 years old in August and is growing up so fast.

He received his first report card this week and let me say everyone in the family is so proud of him. He received 4 A’s, one in math, and 1 C in English.  He was excited about his A in math and so was the whole family. He has worked so hard over the summer on math and its paying-off.  I promised him for every A he received that I would give him $20 and he reminded me about that today.  I’m one proud and about to be broke Nanny D J.

I will start posting more often about my family, my work and just life in general. Let’s keep the dialogue going.

Deidre Malone

Last County Commission Meeting

I started a post on Sunday, August 22 to give my thoughts about what was going to be my last County Commission meeting on Monday. I decided not to finish that post. I guess I didn’t want to get sentimental about what was my last official meeting as an elected official (maybe). I chose to attend the meeting, vote my conscience and meet with my Commission colleagues for the last time at the Blue Monkey for a drink.

I served for 8 years. I believe I served my constituents well. I feel blessed to have been given an opportunity to be a public servant and don’t think I took the privilege for granted.

To my friend and neighbor Melvin Burgess, I know you will represent me and our district well. 

I listened to first meeting of the new Commission and predict that it will be an interesting term. I’m sure former Commissioners said the same thing about me and my freshman Commissioners too.

Proud Democrat

Democrat. I just am, a Democrat. I don’t hesitate when I say it. I don’t hold my head down or lower my eyes when I say it. I’m a proud Democrat and I am so very proud of the Shelby County Democratic Party and our primary nominees for taking a stand and demanding an investigation and a review of the August 5th election. 

Shep Wilbun has been saying for years that the Diebold machines can be manipulated. I don’t know if they were or not, but what I do know is that my friend Belinda Anderson called me at 8 in the morning to let me know that when she went to vote, the poll worker told her that she had voted during early voting and SHE HAD NOT. The worker didn’t realize that Belinda was married to a former state election commissioner. The poll worker then went as far as to tell Belinda that her husband had not voted and  that she should VOTE IN HIS PLACE! How does PRISON SOUND?  My girl demanded that she be allowed to vote and they gave her a provisional ballot. She knew what to ask for and others didn’t and were turned away.

A number of people had that same experience and the Chairman of the Election Commission reported mid-day that the problem had been solved. Then why did the Trustee and the Attorney General have the same problem later in the day?

People make mistakes. But when the stakes are this high, don’t be so nonchalant about it Mr. Election Commission Chairman. Disenfranchisement is very real and because of mistakes like this, people continue to lose faith in government.

After reading the Leftwingcracker’s blog with Trustee Newman’s account of the last few days I’m appalled at the behavior of the County Attorney and the Election Commissions actions. Proprietary information! What the heck are they talking about. How much money did we pay, I mean did THE PEOPLE pay for these machines?  That’s right the People, the Voters. Stop playing games and give the Democrats the information they requested now, so we can really know, one way or the other, what happened with this election.

Taking a Break

I have been in the house all day. Eating, sleeping and cleaning up. I just had to take a break from  helping my youngest son clean the house. Rap music is blaring in the background. I hear so much of it, that I can easily tune it out. Now, I have to admit I’m not a fan of ALL rap music, but I do like some of it. I love all types of music. My sons laugh at me, because I would go to Wal-Mart to buy the CLEAN version of a rap CD. They would say “Mom it doesn’t even sound like the real song.”

 You would probably be surprised at what’s on my iPod. A little old school rap, new school rap, a little country, plenty of R&B, a tad bit of rock and roll and lots of gospel. My grandson can hardly put a sentence together, but he can dance to any rap beat that he hears and I mean, he is truly on beat and thinks he can dance. It’s pretty amazing how children pick-up on what they see and hear. He will be 2 on August 28th and is a ray of sunshine.

Music has a way of taking me to another place, calming me down, making me want to dance, making me think I can sing like Toni Braxton:). I can’t carry a tune. Ask my singing partners Desi, Steve or Shari. (No last names to protect the innocent) Before I made it official that I was going to run for County Mayor, we went to a karaoke spot and had a great time singing. They can sing, I was terribly off-key. I sang a Bon Jovi song at the top of my lungs and it was so much fun. After August 31 I will no longer be an elected official. I need to find something else to do, maybe become a little better at karaoke. That’s something to think about.

Just Because

Sitting here eating my Chick-Fil-A nuggets, I decided I wanted to start a blog. I have spent most of my adult life writing for my clients or for causes that I believe in, but tonight, on Friday, August 13th, I decided I wanted a blog. So, here we go. I’m not a superstitious person, so, I don’t think the fact that I started this on Friday, the 13th means much, but it is ironic that I begin this new journey today on a day most people consider unlucky.  I did have a pretty rough day. I own a business and we had a few challenges today, but as always, we worked it out.

I had lunch with a good friend who is an expert on the woman’s suffrage movement. On August 26th, we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the 19th amendment that granted women the right to vote.  As I listened to my friend Paula Casey, I was amazed at her knowledge on this issue and can’t wait to read the book The Perfect 36. I will share more with you about this movement after I read the book. I’m working with a group of women to coordinate an event honoring elected women in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee on August 26th in honor of the anniversary. A bipartisan group of women have come together to put this event on led by my friend Adrienne Pakis-Gillon. It should be a fabulous event hosted by Memphis Mayor AC Wharton at City Hall. This event is open to the public and starts at 4 p.m.  That’s it for today. I think I’m going to enjoy my blog. Later.