I’m Proud of my Grandson Patrick III

I haven’t posted on my Deidre Malone blog in years. I actually forgot I had one until I Googled my name today and it came up. As I rekindle my relationship with this blog, I thought real hard about what I would write my first post in 5 years on. I determined it should be about my grandson Patrick “Trey” Malone III. Trey turned 8 years old in August and is growing up so fast.

He received his first report card this week and let me say everyone in the family is so proud of him. He received 4 A’s, one in math, and 1 C in English.  He was excited about his A in math and so was the whole family. He has worked so hard over the summer on math and its paying-off.  I promised him for every A he received that I would give him $20 and he reminded me about that today.  I’m one proud and about to be broke Nanny D J.

I will start posting more often about my family, my work and just life in general. Let’s keep the dialogue going.

Deidre Malone


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