USA Today Best Selling Author Latrivia Welch

On Monday on my show Dialogue with Deidre I interviewed USA Today Best Selling Author Latrivia Welch. She is one of the top authors in the interracial romance genre.

If you are my friend then you know her because she is just like a daughter to me and you’ve probably met her. If not, let me tell you just a bit about Latrivia. She is married to Bruce and they have 3 children. Latrivia has written 24 books, she is the President and CEO of RiverHouse Publishing and she just opened her own public relations firm-Welch PR.

GO to the Dialogue with Deidre Facebook Page to see the interview. Her latest book is Gabriel’s Regrets: Book 1 and Book 2 drops on October 15th.

Visit to learn more about Latrivia and all of her books.

Let’s keep the dialogue going….read her books and let me know what you think.


Raising Money for Pre-K


Hung out this morning at the 7th Annual Bishop G. E. Patterson 5-K for Pre-K Walk/Run to benefit Porter Leath.  Mrs. Louise Patterson Thank you for your leadership in coordinating this event and supporting pre-kindergarteners in the process.

The Carter Malone Group, the firm I founded and run, supported this event and continues to support Bountiful Blessings Ministries, Inc.

Go Hillary!

I started my morning drinking from my favorite new coffee cup – Hillary 2016! The color works for me too! I encourage those who believe this country needs an experienced leader who cares about all people, even those following the other guy, it’s time to step it up and work hard to get her elected.


Let’s continue the dialogue to make it happen…52 days and counting.

Clothes Too Tight

Who knows the miserable feeling of trying on a skirt or a pair of pants that you could wear comfortably a few months ago and now they are too tight?

I pride myself on being someone who takes pride most days in the way I look. I really can’t handle my clothes being too tight.

They say as you get older, you gain weight and it may be hard to lose it.  I believe that to be true. If you know me then you know that I try also to be a person of discipline. I’m getting ready to get this weight off me.

It’s September 16, 2016. If you have a weight issue and want to join me in the challenge, let me hear from you.

Lets dialogue about losing weight the right way…

Deidre Malone


I’m Proud of my Grandson Patrick III

I haven’t posted on my Deidre Malone blog in years. I actually forgot I had one until I Googled my name today and it came up. As I rekindle my relationship with this blog, I thought real hard about what I would write my first post in 5 years on. I determined it should be about my grandson Patrick “Trey” Malone III. Trey turned 8 years old in August and is growing up so fast.

He received his first report card this week and let me say everyone in the family is so proud of him. He received 4 A’s, one in math, and 1 C in English.  He was excited about his A in math and so was the whole family. He has worked so hard over the summer on math and its paying-off.  I promised him for every A he received that I would give him $20 and he reminded me about that today.  I’m one proud and about to be broke Nanny D J.

I will start posting more often about my family, my work and just life in general. Let’s keep the dialogue going.

Deidre Malone